Every Good Answer Starts by Asking a Good Question.

And now, more than ever, asking the right questions is imperative. We’ve created an episodic series of short videos, Good Question, asking big questions about consumer behavior and new cultural norms that marketers in different verticals need to be prepared for when the COVID-19 crisis ends. Watch our teaser here, and come back each week to see the next question we’re exploring.


Episode 1 Healthcare

Do good things.

Undoubtedly, the challenges associated with COVID-19 require time, attention, and a commitment to public health and safety. As humans, we must all do our part to help others. As business people, we must also recognize that this is a passing moment and keep an eye on our resilience. Our consumers, our employees, and our businesses rely on us to serve them both in times of crisis and times of confidence.

Our motto at 22squared is "Do good things." Our commitment to our client community has never been stronger. As you sort through the implications to your business, please reach out to us for a conversation and thought partnership.

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