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Creative Copywriting Intern

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Job description.

You have a strong opinion on the oxford comma. When you start telling a story, people listen. You’re a master of language. You understand the weight of a word. You think in big ideas, but you know how to distill them into headlines, scripts, or a social media post with the power to change the world. You evoke emotion carefully, but effectively. You’re a storyteller.

This application is for an 8-week remote internship running June 7th – July 30th.

A portfolio link is required for this position. 



  • Ability to work 40 hours per week (full-time)
  • A minimum 3.0 GPA required
  • Previous internship experience preferred


  • Exceptional problem-solving abilities; resourceful
  • Excellent communication skills – both verbal and written
  • Capacity to learn and apply new concepts in a dynamic environment quickly
  • Willingness to work both independently and as part of a team
  • Ability to manage multiple projects at once

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