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Associate Director, Business Intelligence (Data Management & Visualization)

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Job description.

Associate Director, Business Intelligence (Data Management & Visualization)



This role provides expertise in business intelligence and data governance. Including: data mapping and ETL, reports, dashboards, vendor imports/exports, data architecture, QA/QC, and all other agency and client data-related initiatives. This work may include building visualizations/dashboards, assisting with data analysis, developing and maintaining imports and exports, ensuring data quality, troubleshooting issues, creating documentation, and fielding user questions/feedback. 


We are looking for someone who is highly collaborative, highly cooperative,  has excellent communication skills, and is eager to learn and continually find new ways of solving data challenges.



      Oversee Business Intelligence outputs and mind for opportunities to exceed expectations and iterate 

      Manage data streams and other data resources from an array of media and business landscapes

        Building automation and queries

        Building client-ingestible, creative dashboards and visualizations

        Implementing quality control procedures and guidelines

        Ensure that collected data is relevant and exhaustive while also interpreting the analytics results

        Oversee data audits and put remedial solutions in place, and actively participating in audit and QA procedures

        Support dashboard initiatives through quality assurance and user acceptance testing

        Prioritize, plan, and track project progress

        Work with a variety of stakeholders and data sources from across the organization and beyond to draw strategic conclusions

        Develop an understanding of each department’s role within the company; maintain advanced knowledge of their needs

        Identify/Anticipate departmental challenges/needs through employee and client communication

        Research and analyze areas of interest to the company which will allow the company to gain a competitive advantage in the business intelligence landscape

        Document and catalog findings for future reference or additional investigation



Minimum Qualifications

         Bachelor’s Degree (or +3 years experience on top if no degree)

         Strong attention to detail and excellent time management

         Strategic thinker with the ability to operate without strict oversight

         6-8 years business intelligence or data analytics experience, plus 1-2 years of management experience

         Ability to create dashboards and build custom visualizations, when needed using Datorama, Tableau and/or Google Data Studio

         Experience with data retrieval and manipulation (ETL) platforms like Excel, SQL, Tableau Prep

         Understanding of web analytics tools (i.e., Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc.)

         Strong understanding of media platforms (i.e., Search Ads, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, Facebook Ads Manager)

         Familiarity with Agile as a project management approach and related software (JIRA Smartsheets, Slack)

         Bonus: Experience with Python