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Job description.


Account Management professionals are savvy client and agency leaders who keep creativity and business stewardship in harmony with each other.  As the ultimate relationship brokers, it’s our job to create partnerships internally and externally, stay three steps ahead, mine for opportunities that could benefit from creative problem-solving, and ensure that the agency’s service offering remains competitive and profitable.  We are diplomats, strategists, and connectors who consistently and actively help craft the very best work, while ensuring long-term financial success.

The Assistant Account Executive supports the above through impeccable organization, details management, communication and willingness to learn.


  • Develops understanding of both Agency and Client business
  • Builds relationships across the Agency, and understands the role of each discipline
  • Effectively utilizes Agency tools, procedures and understands workflow
  • Demonstrates excellent organizational skills and can handle multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Successfully manage execution of small projects with oversight
  • Demonstrates a curiosity and desire to learn 
  • Showcases initiative to take on tasks beyond their daily workload
  • Demonstrates a passion for excellence in everything he/she does
  • Becomes a team player people can count on, and also shows ability to work independently
  • Has good follow up skills, both verbal and written
  • Models professionalism in demeanor and dress, demonstrates maturity and good judgment, respects the time and perspective of others
  • Maintains connections to the industry through trades and pop culture


  • Organized—able to retrieve information logically and easily.
  • Detail-oriented, attentive, and accurate.
  • Ability to maintain constructive behavior in the face of adversity; to manage stress and pressure in working through assigned tasks.
  • Flexible and able to shift gears easily.
  • Basic presentation skills.
  • Ability to learn project management and reporting tools.
  • Exhibits basic understanding of various agency functions.


  • Bachelor’s degree in advertising, business, communications, journalism, or liberal arts.
  • Previous experience in an agency or client equivalent is preferred.
  • Experience using Google, Mac, and the internet for research required
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.