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Job description.

DEPARTMENT: Account Management 


Account Management professionals are savvy client and agency leaders who keep creativity and business stewardship in harmony with each other. As the ultimate relationship brokers, it’s our job to create partnerships internally and externally, stay three steps ahead, mine for opportunities that could benefit from creative problem-solving, and ensure that the agency’s service offering remains competitive and profitable.  

We are diplomats, strategists, and connectors who consistently and actively help craft the very best work, while ensuring long-term financial success. The Account Supervisor supports the above through a rich understanding of the client’s business and strategy, the ability to coach and motivate direct reports, financial stewardship (pacing and profitability), and consistently demonstrating strong gut instincts. 


  • Understand how Clients business and industry is performing at all times, and can educate others
  • Partners with Client to prioritize business opportunities
  • Ensures Clients are providing the right strategic guidance and direction to inform briefs
  • Sets the course for integrated projects, ensuring they are led effectively and efficiently; Can successfully bring together all members of the cross-functional team to work together
  • Has strong instincts to flag any potential risk or roadblocks, and enlist help as needed
  • Evaluates and influences the work in order to address Client business objectives and execute work that is breakthrough
  • Can identify/guide campaign/project KPI’s
  • Interprets data and research to help guide future work and media plans
  • Leads effective meetings, setting expectations and ensuring desired outcome is met
  • Play a key role in informing the annual scope of work


  • Ability to inspire confidence and growth in Agency team members
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Strong understanding of all Agency disciplines
  • Easily unites and motivates cross functional team to project success
  • Can identify and begin to resolve any issues among the team and/or with the Client
  • Proven ability to think on your feet
  • Showcases confidence


  • Bachelor’s Degree (BA or BS) required
  • 5-8 years of Agency experience
  • Proven experience with cross platform campaigns and measurement
  • Supervisory or people management experience
  • Production experience