Seize The Yay

As longtime partners to Baskin-Robbins, we’ve kept the brand evolving with culture while keeping true to its roots. Our latest challenge? Launching the first rebrand in twenty years, under a new tagline and with a full 360 campaign.

‘Seize the yay’ tells the world that happiness is not a lottery you win but a choice you make. A choice to find little reasons to celebrate every day — regardless of life’s curveballs.

Making headlines.

The work made its way into publications around the world, from Ad Age to Business Insider, where all were eager to discuss this monumental change for Baskin-Robbins.


“Wheels” takes us to the thrill of the open road, even if that road is… a relatively flat surface. This brand spot launched the campaign with a reminder that it’s not about how big a moment actually is but how big the moment feels. And choosing to celebrate that moment? That’s seizing the yay.

First Day

This spot is based on a trending conversation in meme culture: that no matter how hard parents try to perfect their kids’ first-day outfits, kids always come home looking… well, different. And as a parent, even the chaotic imperfections can be reasons to seize the yay.

Seizing the yay on social.

We revamped Baskin-Robbins across all social channels under a new social strategy that focused on ways to ‘seize the yay.’

Surprise and deliciousness.

We sparked conversation by inviting people to share their own reasons to celebrate, then surprised ones who did with a Baskin-Robbins promo code in their DMs.