Southeast Toyota

Room To...

Due to consumers' hectic lifestyles, the SUV has become the new American dining table: family and friends often don't get the chance to connect until they are in the car between activities. To reflect this, we created intimate stories showing how the Toyota Highlander offers the comfort and space consumers need to connect with their loved ones in a meaningful way.

Room To Be A Kid

Sometimes, an innocent giggle turns into an infectious family roar.

For “Giggle,” we bought two :15 bookends of a commercial pod. The first :15 features a young girl watching something funny on her connected device. She begins to giggle, as does her brother. Their giggle becomes infectious. In this first spot, we never resolve to a logo. Or a tagline.

Room To Be A Kid, Part 2

When we come back for the second :15 spot, we continue the story as if we never left. Only now, the parents succumb to laughter too. The commercial resolves with no dialogue spoken, and no mention of what specifically got the kids laughing. We simply end with a super: Room to be a kid.

Room To Be A Family

Game days, date nights, and play dates. The Highlander has room you need to be a family.