Pint-Sized Heroes

Across the country, amazing kids are proving you don’t have to be a grown-up to step up. Care package-creators. Face-shield makers. Even art auctioneers. They’re what we like to call Pint-Sized Heroes.

During Covid—and beyond—we helped Baskin-Robbins celebrate Pint-Sized Heroes in the best way we know how: By supporting their causes with monetary donations and honoring them with ice cream. (Lots of ice cream.)

Pint-Sized Heroes

This launch video introduces the world to who Pint-Sized Heroes are, what it is they do, and how Baskin-Robbins wants to celebrate their accomplishments.

Liv's Story

After we introduced the world to the idea of Pint-Sized Heroes, we shared their individual stories, like Liv’s. She uses her love of photography to host virtual art shows where benefiting her local food bank.

Joshua's Story

Joshua is a Pint-Sized Hero who 3D print face shields for local medical workers.

Brayden's Story

Brayden is a Pint-Sized Hero who works with grocers to collect food and gift cards for classmates in need.

Jahkil's Story

Jahkil is a Pint-Sized Hero who makes “Blessing Bags” for the homeless.