Sweetwater Brewing Company

Guide Beer

Guides are the stewards and protectors of the natural world; they show us things and take us to places we’d never be able to experience on our own. Yet for all they do for us, they get little in terms of monetary compensation. From this insight, we came up with the creative idea: For Those Who Show Us The Way. At the center of the idea, is a large brand action: 11% of the profits from Guide Beer go to help guides who can no longer work, whether due to injury, age, or natural disaster.

Sweetwater Presents: The Way

We created a campaign titled “For those who show us the way.” An anthem video was created around this idea from footage captured as we experienced the guides in their element.

Packaging: 12-Pack

Hand drawn maps topographic maps of the United States helped celebrate different environments and terrain.

Packaging: Cans

Each location of our guides were honored with hand drawn topographic maps printed right on the can. The locations include The Chattahoochee River, The Florida Keys, The Gauley River and Cape Hatteras.

Print Advertising

Custom portraits of our guides were hand drawn using ingredients from topographic maps.


An entire immersive and interactive digital experience was designed using all of the photography, video and hand drawn elements.

Smart Tap Handles

We prototyped and developed custom tap handles inspired by fly rods and reels. Each tap handle measured the amount poured to help calculate the 11% of profits real-time.

"This Guide" Video

"This Guide" Video

"This Guide" Video