National Organization For Women

Equal Pay Day

On average, women are still paid just 80% of what men are paid. So on Equal Pay Day, we launched EqualiTees - an innovative creative partnership aimed at helping close that gap. We partnered with several online t-shirt retailers to “create” limited edition shirts with an important message.


Based on current trends, a recent study found that women won’t reach full pay equality with men until the year 2119, a staggering 101 years in the future. So on Equal Pay Day, we partnered with several online retailers to “create” t-shirts in their own brand style proclaiming that “Women Now Make As Much As Men. About Damn Time.” The catch? When shoppers go to check-out, they are informed that the shirts are backordered until 2119, the projected year of pay equality. A separate button drove shoppers to a National Organization for Women donation page to help close the gender wage gap sooner.