The Home Depot

Built-In Pins

Pinterest is the perfect platform for dreaming. But often, people fail to move on to the doing. To turn dreamers into doers, we created a Cannes Lion-winning, first-ever experience literally built inside a Pin and the ecosystem of content to go with it.

The First-Ever Pin-Worthy Rooms Built Inside Pinterest

We wanted to give first-time homeowners the confidence to take their “befores” and transform them into their very own “afters.” The answer was Built-in Pins, a series of Pin-worthy rooms built from scratch inside a Pin as the viewer watched. For the first time, people saw every step of their inspiration brought to life on their screens.

First-Ever Shoppable 360° In Pinterest

Hacking One-tap Pins, we allowed people to step inside the rooms built in-feed with the first-ever shoppable 360° experience inside Pinterest.

Autoplay Video Pins

Using autoplay to activate the video in-feed, we showed people what they expected – a Pin-worthy after, then showed them how to create it themselves.

A Content Hub In Every Pin

Each Pin connected to a ton of content. How-to Pins with step-by-step instructions, tip Pins with DIY advice, product Pins that connected people to featured products and 360° room Pins all lived on the Built-in Pin Board.

Pincodes In Store

Pinterest Pincodes launched with our campaign, bringing Built-in Pins and the content ecosystem into each of The Home Depot’s 2,274 stores.