Stop Hate for Profit

Our Response To The Movement

There is a growing movement among advertisers asking for clear accountability to stop hate speech on social platforms.

At 22Squared, we are agents of change. We are unfailing in our commitment to fighting racial injustice throughout the world. Together with our clients, we Do Good Things throughout the world. We have drafted letters of intent for our client partners to send to Facebook, asking for clear change. We’ve also offered up free resources to re-plan media as a result of participation in the boycott.

For our social channels, we will not be launching any paid/sponsored content on Facebook and Instagram for the month of July. We feel strongly about continuing our organic content strategy of: amplifying Black voices and stories, celebrating LGBTQ+ beyond Pride Month, and highlighting creators, especially Black and Non-Black POC. This allows us to show solidarity with marginalized communities by continuing to support them in the social space.

For our clients, we are supporting each of them as they evaluate their participation in the boycott. We know that the decision to participate in a boycott is one unique to each brand. For our clients, that means support comes in many shapes and sizes.

But we know real, impactful change is the collection of many voices. That’s why we’re offering resources to all businesses — current clients or not — that may want to participate, but don’t know where to begin. We also believe in relationships — and that means meeting people where they are. If you are unable to participate in the boycott — for a myriad of reasons — but still want to share your clear expectations for change, we support that as well.

Whatever your position, we’ve made available downloadable drafted letters of intent for businesses to send to Facebook, asking for clear change. Feel free to download the letter, customize for your brand and plan of action, and follow the instructions to send it to Facebook leadership.

For consumers wishing to participate, please visit the Stop Hate for Profit website:

To participate in the boycott and communicate this to Facebook, click here
If you will still be running advertising but want to communicate to Facebook that you expect better, click here