Publix Paws is a free club just for pets and their parents. To boost sign-ups and show fans what it’s really like to live the Paws life, we took Rocky—a furry club member himself—on an epic eight-day road trip around the Southeast to meet potential members nose-to-nose in all of the states that are home to Publix. And, of course, Rocky was fueled by everything pets get from Publix Paws: toys, treats, and more.

Let’s Hit The Road

From the top of the Great Smoky Mountains to the boardwalks of Miami Beach, Rocky’s Road Trip spanned the entire Publix footprint. Over the course of 3,100 miles, he made friends, recruited new Publix Paws members, and gave fans a real taste of the Paws Life.

Explore Rocky's Road Trip

In order to immerse fans in our adventure, we built a landing experience where fans could explore each stop on the trip.

Become A Member

We filled each location with photos and videos to document our journey. We also included a sign up page where fans could join our club on the spot.

Get Even More Mileage

We made it mobile-friendly, too. Fans were able to watch the videos, view our albums, and join Publix Paws from anywhere.

Paws For Likes

We shared our journey on social, encouraging fans to visit our landing experience to explore and then sign up.

Tag Swag

At each stop, Rocky gave away custom Publix Paws tags and sign up cards to every pet parent he met.

While You're Shopping

To bring Rocky’s Road Trip to Publix Supermarkets and boost awareness of the club, we created shelf tags and placed them all over the store, beyond the pet aisle, to be contextually relevant. Pet parents stocking up on paper towels probably saw our Mess Maker tags. Or, when they rounded the corner to pick up coffee, shoppers might have seen our Alarm Clock tags.