Lacey Holsworth was 6 years old when she was diagnosed with cancer. A little girl with a huge love for Michigan State Basketball, Lacey developed a close friendship with star player Adreian Payne. When she lost her battle with pediatric cancer, Shoe Carnival made special gold laces in Lacey’s honor and proceeds from every pair helped work toward a cure. These laces were the center of our campaign, and helped us raise awareness for the fight against pediatric cancer.

Honor Laces

We brought Lacey’s love for college basketball into our TV spot, which aired during the NCAA Final Four competition, honoring her and every child who has battled pediatric cancer.

Sharing Hope

The content we created wasn’t the only prompt to #LaceUpForLacey. Throughout the campaign, more people—including college basketball coaches—joined our fight against pediatric cancer and shared their support with our hashtag and pictures of their Princess Lacey’s Laces.

Heartfelt Results

People didn’t just watch our commercial—they shared their love for Lacey and how it made them feel.

Taking The First Step

We rallied our audience on social media with content that inspired them to join our fight—for Lacey and for children everywhere.

Believe In A Cure

We used the laces themselves to create typography and visuals to illustrate how buying these laces can turn into so much more; like more love, more hope, and more dreams realized.

Animated About The Cause

We played off of kids' games and chalk drawings to create heartfelt messages urging people to help.

Coming Together For Good

On Instagram, not only did we push out our own content asking people to #LaceUpForLacey, we saw tons of pics and support shared from people wearing their Princess Lacey’s Laces.