This Mother’s Day, we helped Publix show what moms are made of, whether she’s the woman who gave birth to you, the woman who raised you, or the woman who became like a mom to you. We used bouquets—with flowers that are beautiful on their own just like each mother figure in our lives—to help tell our story and celebrate these special women.


Our video of kids creating Mother’s Day bouquets turned into a heartwarming surprise for their moms.


During the week of Mother’s Day, we released a video that let kids tell us in their own words why we celebrate the holiday.

Make a Beautiful Gesture

Stop-motion videos gave our fans inspiration to make customized bouquets, using flowers from Publix, for everyone they celebrate on Mother’s Day.

How To Make It Special

How-to content on our Mother’s Day Pinterest board included a guide for identifying the flowers at Publix, recipes, and instructions on creating original bouquets.