We all know how much moms love their families. Mom’s love is on a different level. But for all the love we see, there’s even more that goes unseen. And since Publix is a key ingredient in the relationships of life, this Mother’s Day, we wanted to uncover and celebrate all the things moms do that we never even realize.

Mom Love

To kick off the campaign, we went to six public locations to interview real moms, kids and grandparents. We asked them to tell us their personal #MomLove stories. Then, we brought our favorite stories to life in illustrated short-form videos.


#MomLove is always being there for you, even if it’s just in case.


#MomLove is going without so your kids can have more. And never ever letting them feel guilty about it.


#MomLove is always making it feel like home. Even when your kids are grown with a home of their own.


#MomLove is always knowing when it’s the right time to tell you something.

Afraid of the Dark

No spooky creaks, clanks or scratches can keep #MomLove from protecting us.


The things she’ll do to spend time with her favorite teenager. That’s #MomLove.