Pinterest is perfect for dreaming, but often people fail to move on to the doing. To turn dreamers into doers, we created a first-ever Pinterest experience literally built inside a Pin and the ecosystem of content to go with it.

The first-ever Pin-worthy Rooms built inside Pinterest.

Pinterest is a platform of perfect. But Pin-worthy afters often intimidate more than they inspire. So, The Home Depot, a brand built around doing, changed that by creating Built-in Pins, Pin-worthy afters built inside the Pin itself. For the first time, pinners didn’t just get before and after. They got everything in the middle and also the confidence to do it themselves.

First-ever Shoppable 360° in Pinterest

Hacking One-tap Pins, we allowed people to step inside the rooms built in-feed with the first-ever shoppable 360° experience inside Pinterest.

Autoplay Video Pins

Using autoplay to activate the video in-feed, we showed people what they expected - a Pin-worthy after, then showed them how to create it themselves.

A Content Hub in every Pin

Each Pin connected to a ton of content. How-to Pins with step-by-step instructions, tip Pins with DIY advice, product Pins that connected people to featured products and 360° room pins all lived on the Built-in Pin Board.

Pincodes In Store

Pinterest Pincodes launched with our campaign, bringing Built-in Pins and the content ecosystem into each of The Home Depot’s 2,274 stores.