Edit Suite| Atlanta, Georgia, United States

22squared is looking for an Editor who can create visually interesting video content with a strong sense of style and storytelling. The ideal candidate understands how to make the story better through a proper edit. He or she has proven over and over that there is “something there”, when it was thought that there was not. 

Our editor is a an up & coming visionary as it relates to video, always looking to find a better, more
engaging way to bring video to life. The ideal candidate will have 4+ years experience as an editor in a post production facility.  

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:  
  • Create agency videos including proof of concept, new business pitches and case studies.  
  • Edit client content and tags while maintaining overall brand identity and image.  
  • Process invoices for accurate billing of projects.  
  • Maintain edit suite equipment and software.  
  • Organize and retain masters.  

Primary Skills and Abilities:  

  • Expert in storytelling editorial - both short and long form formats with the reel to show for it.  
  • Proficient using Premiere Pro and other Adobe CC apps.
  • Thorough understanding of post production workflow including use of SAN and related hardware/software.  
  • Trained in design and understands typography, color, composition, movement and layout.
  • Audio mixing and sound design experience.
  • Absorb creative direction while bringing unique ideas to each project.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills.  
  • Demonstrate ability to work on multiple projects in a fast paced, tight deadline environment.  
  • Able to work independently as well as closely with creative team.  
Who we are looking for:  
  • You want to work in a growing post production company inside of an agency, 22squared.   
  • Highly collaborative and passionate about the work. You value progression, evolution and are not afraid to fail.  
  • You’re eager to grow and you love change. Most importantly, you are an all-around awesome person who lives to nurture great ideas.  
Who we are:  
  • 22squared is one of the largest independent advertising agencies in the U.S., offering strategic marketing and creative services for a wide range of industries. We build brand advocates, and ultimately,  stronger and more profitable brands in the process.  
  • 22squared believes in marketing brands the way people make friends. By being approachable. Giving people something of value. Sharing a common viewpoint.